Week #16: Links that made us happy.

Welcome new readers! Heads up - this letter will be different than usual.

Hope that you and your families are safe. If I can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

This letter will be a little different focusing on happy things. I came across really great articles, how-to’s, artists doing live performances on Instagram this week and I’d love to share that with all of you. I know it’s super stressful right now but hopefully, some of the links today give you a small break :)

A tiny bit about my situation where I live: bars and restaurants are carryout only, coffee shops have a mobile ordering system where you can drive up and your coffee will be brought to you, our gym is renting out equipment for the next few weeks, and schools are closed until sometime in April, maybe even later than that. Hoping we return to semi-normal soon.

  1. Virtual cooking classes: Massimo Bottura is offering free virtual cooking classes on Instagram

  2. John Legend sings: He hopped on Instagram today and sang for the world. This is part of a virtual concert series headed by the World Health Organization and Global Citizen called Together, At Home: Who-Global Citizen Solidarity Sessions

  3. Learn UX design online: Free courses by Butter Academy

  4. A schedule for kids at home: Khan Academy put together an amazing schedule with lots of play team balanced with learning for kiddos

  5. Step away from your desk: A few home exercises you can incorporate into your day to day while working from home

  6. Cabin fever support: Here are a few ideas to not go stir crazy while you work

This is a new space dedicated to readers who are interested in tools, tips, and templates to help them build or improve their remote team dynamics.

  1. Read this: A Notion template for your remote team to track to-do’s, shared reading lists, and more!

What videos, memes, etc. made you smile this week? Post them in the comments and share it with other readers 💖