Week #15: A list of remote companies setting a standard - find out who made the list

Hope everyone is staying safe 💕

Can you believe it’s almost mid-March??! Hello and welcome to week #15 of the Remote Newbie letter 🎉

Each letter, I share 1 article that caught my eye while browsing the web, Twitter, and Reddit. I take the article, dissect it and share takeaways that directly apply to your remote work journey, team, productivity, and more.

If you have any questions specific to your remote/WFH/digital nomad situation, DM me.

This week, I’m sharing a Q&A I did with the talented Emma Lawler who co-founded Moonlight, a community of software developers. Hop into the Q&A below to learn about Emma’s background, her experience with remote work, and how developers can break into working remotely.

Irma: Hi Emma! Can you tell the Remote Newbie community a little about your background?

Emma:Hey Remote Newbies! I co-founded Moonlight, a community of software developers. We help developers and designers find contract and full-time work with remote companies. Before starting Moonlight, I worked at a product designer at startups in Silicon Valley like Fitbit. Throughout my career, I've done remote contract work with startups looking for extra design support. 

Irma: Right now you're leading things up at Moonlight. Tell us about who Moonlight is for and what inspired you to start it?

Read the full Q&A 📖

This is a new space dedicated to readers who are interested in tools, tips, and templates to help them build or improve their remote team dynamics.

  1. Read this: Need inspiration for how to start and build your remote team? Here’s a hand-picked list of companies doing it right!

  2. Try this: I launched Cafecito on Product Hunt this past Monday! The next big roadmap item is to add options for remote/virtual coffee and lunch breaks. Involve your team and join us.

  1. How to Have Social Connection When You Work Remote by Croissant. Croissant is a platform that makes finding co-working spaces anywhere easy. We collaborated with them on a post this week. It’s a good one!

  2. How to stay healthy and productive when working from home by Ness Labs.

  3. Jason Fried is refunding anyone who bought the book REMOTE: Office Not Required.

Huge thanks to Thor Schroeder for contributing to this letter!

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