Week #14: How to kick off working remotely for the first time?

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Hello and welcome to week #14 of the Remote Newbie letter 🎉

Each letter, I share 1 article that caught my eye while browsing the web, Twitter, and Reddit. I take the article, dissect it and share takeaways that directly apply to your remote work journey, team, productivity, and more.

If you have any questions specific to your remote/WFH/digital nomad situation, DM me. I can answer them next letter!

Working from home in response to coronavirus

  1. Set up lines of communication (async and sync) at an org-level but also at a team-level.

  2. Make sure you have the right tech and equipment to perform your day to day job activities.

  3. Structure your workday in the morning by writing down what’s scheduled for the day.

  4. Don’t forget to socialize through virtual chats, lunch, or coffee. Platforms like Cafecito, facilitate remote breaks.

  5. Take care of yourself. Wash your hands regularly.

I’m opening up time specifically to help teams that have had to scramble to transition to working from home. If this is you or if you know anyone whose going through it and needs outside help, send me a message.

This is a new addition to the letter! It’s a space dedicated to readers who interested in tools, tips, and templates to help them build or improve their remote team dynamics.

  1. Read this: Heroku Remote Culture AMA w/ Francis Lacoste (Engineering Chief of Staff)

  2. Watch this: How Gitlab Manages All of their Distributed Employees

  1. A free crash course in remote team management happening online tomorrow, March 5th

  2. Several online events happening in tech curated by Diversify Tech

  3. Remote Huddle with Oleg Galkin all about building trust within remote teams

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