Week #13: When should I over-communicate with my remote co-workers?

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Welcome to week #13 of the Remote Newbie weekly letter. This is the letter where I share 1 article I found while browsing the web that caught my eye and made me take action to improve the way I work remotely.

This week’s read…

You Aren’t Communicating Nearly Enough by The Glowforge Blog

The more I work remotely with different people and teams the more I see the value in overcommunicating. Why? Because it saves our butts at the end of the day. It’s easy when working remotely to silo or isolate yourself but taking the extra effort each day to check that your team, manager, or customers are in the loop is crucial.

Here are a few instances or situations where you want to overcommunicate:

  1. When you’re a new employee or simply have a new role provide extra visibility and transparency to the work you’re prioritizing or the research you’re conducting ahead of time.

  2. When you’re introducing a new process share with teams and stakeholders who may be affected by the new process so that they can provide input, questions, use cases, and overall are kept in the loop.

  3. When you’re facing a personal challenge or family/friend related situation that is affecting your work pop into your immediate team’s channel and provide a heads up that you’re stepping away from your computer for a few. Depending on your team you can be a bit vague or provide intimate details. This really depends on how comfortable you feel with the team.

    Question: How often are you over-communicating with your team? Reply and let us know. Or if you have questions on how you can specifically crush it at communication with your team post a comment on Substack.

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