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Hi everyone and welcome new readers!

It’s been a few weeks now since many of us have had to enter lockdown. I hope you’re staying safe and finding ways to keep healthy at home. First thing, how are you doing?

I haven’t sent out a letter this past 2 Wednesdays, thanks for bearing with me. I’ll keep this one short as I’m re-evaluating Remote Newbie after these past weeks have placed a few things in perspective. Keep reading to find out more!

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This letter has been around for a little bit now and I’d love to get your thoughts, concerns, and overall feedback on the future of Remote Newbie. Remote Newbie came to be because I was never able to find a one-stop blog, community, or hub where I could learn about remote work but also how to work remotely effectively and keep it going year after year without feeling burn out. What do you want to see out of this letter? Courses, jobs, AMAs? Tell us in the survey above.

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Whether you’re on the job hunt for a remote job or need guidance on managing your remote team. Or just want to grab a casual chat and talk about life, let’s do it!

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We’re in beta with Cafecito, a community platform matching you with like-minded remote workers. If you sign up, email me and let me know.

Thank you always and stay safe.

- Irma